Detroit Tour Connections has been in operation since 2004:
DTC was started in the spring of 2004 by a local attorney named Bob Goldsmith, after he had given tours for a few years as a volunteer for a local preservation group)

DTC has always offered inexpensive walking tours with a variety of topics
This will be our 15th straight year of offering a variety of walking tours from May-September. We used to do it on Wednesday evenings, but lately we've settled on Monday evening tours.

DTC has always provided knowledgeable and friendly "step on guides."
For larger groups that have a bus and driver at their disposal, DTC has been a great source for step-on guides who can get on the bus, take over the microphone and give a great guided tour.

DTC has been offering "U-Drive Tours" for a number of years.
Although downtown walking tours can be great, it can also be great to be in a vehicle so you can see other parts of Detroit -- and to do this in an affordable manner, our "U-Drive Tours" can be outstanding.  Pick up your guide in downtown Detroit and head out on a driving tour.

DTC offers more topics for walking tours and bus tours than anybody else.
We can offer more than 50 different tours of Detroit -- and nobody else comes close to that.
Whether you are interested in history, skyscrapers, historic churches, cultural institutions, automotive history, art, music, sports, mansions, abandoned buildings, restaurants, beer ... or whether you want to see downtown, Midtown, Corktown, Mexicantown, the Eastern Market ...

And nobody in Detroit offers tours more often than Detroit Tour Connections.
Through our partnership with Urban Adventures, we have been offering tours of Detroit several times a day, six days a week, nine months per year.  

From Margaret at Wayne State University
Thanks very much for the tour you gave to our students. ... They enjoyed it and are saying they learned a lot.  You did a great job!

From Kelli of metro Detroit
I would like to say thank you on behalf of our entire family!   We had a great time!  ... The tour that you gave was entertaining, educational, informational and amazing!

From Muriel
What a day.  With great pace and aplomb you took us through the heart of Detroit while sharing your knowledge and attachment to this vibrant city.  We thank you for your time and infectious passion for the "Motor City."  We will spread the word.

From Janice
Earl and I certainly enjoyed our time with you both on the walking tour and driving tour. We could tell you are passionate about downtown Detroit.  That enthusiasm helped make our trip more enjoyable.  We've shared with everyone how much we enjoyed checking out some of Detroit.  Thanks.

From Bob of Destination Michigan
We really enjoyed the tour.  Even one of our more "hard to please" employees commented that while she thought we were crazy to do that tour, she really enjoyed it after experiencing it.  Many people said they thought it was great.

Detroit Tour Connections
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