Detroit Tour Connections
- Guided tours of Detroit since 2004 -   

Bus Tours For Large Groups

Arrange a bus tour for your group with a knowledgeable guide from DTC.
We have "step-on guides" who get on your bus -- and we can help you get
the bus and driver too.  Choose from "Detroit Highlights," "Historic Churches,"
"Auto History," or a wide variety of other topics.  
Our bus tours are excellent.
Call us anytime to arrange a bus tour of Detroit for your large group.

Private Tours for Small Groups

Arrange a guided tour of Detroit for your small group -- anytime of the year. 
It can be a "U Drive tour" where the guide is in the back seat of your vehicle,
guiding you around Detroit.  Or it can be a guided walking tour for your group.
Many topics are available (including Highlights, New Developments, Ruins and
Abandoned Buildings, Historic Churches, etc.), and our rates are very reasonable.
Call us to arrange a private tour for your small group.

Monday 6 PM Walking Tours
EVERY MONDAY AT 6 PM from MAY-SEPTEMBER, 2016, one of our
walking tours will start from in front of the cafe located at 1555 Broadway.
The cost is $12.50 per person, and there are a variety of interesting topics.

Reservations are not required - except for groups of six people or more.
Just meet by 6 pm in front of Ashe Supply Co at 1555 Broadway for these tours.
Topics vary from one Monday evening to the next -- so please be sure to see the
page about our "Monday 6PM Walking Tours" for a schedule and tour descriptions.

Detroit Urban Adventures

Detroit Tour Connections is a partner with "Intrepid Urban Adventures" -- and together
we're making guided tours of Detroit available six days per week, nine months of the year
under the name "Detroit Urban Adventures."  Visit 
to see descriptions of these tours.  Advance reservations are definitely required.   
"The D You Must See"  (9:30-11:30 am, March-November, Tuesday through Sunday)
"Corktown Is Popping!" (1:00-3:00 pm, May-October, Tuesday through Sunday)
"Detroit's Rise, Fall & Renewal" (4:00-6:00 pm, March-November, Tuesday through Sunday)

Detroit is Worth Touring
Whether you are a visitor, or someone who lives in the area,
you will be amazed at the wonderful things Detroit has to offer:  history,
great architecture, gorgeous places like the Fisher Building and Fox Theater, 
the historic Motown Museum, the site of a recent Super Bowl and Final Four,
beautiful Belle Isle, and so much more.  And guided tours are the way to go.

More About Detroit Tour Connections
Detroit Tour Connections has been offering great tours of Detroit since 2004.
Most of DTC's tours are given by the company's founder and owner, Bob Goldsmith.
Bob and DTC can provide tours with DOZENS OF DIFFERENT TOPICS.  

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