"Detroit Urban Adventures" Walking Tours
Six days a week from March through November, excellent walking tours are available in the morning and afternoon.    To sign up for these tours, visit www.detroiturbanadventures.com.  
(The cost will be $27/person  -- and detailed descriptions of the tours can be found on the website.)   
Advance reservations are required for these walking tours.   
"THE D YOU MUST SEE" -   9:30-11:30am, T-Sun, March-November;
"CORKTOWN IS POPPING!" -  1:00-3:00pm, T-Sun, May-October;
"DETROIT'S RISE, FALL & RENEWAL" - 4:00-6:00pm, T-Sun, March-November.

Private Tours for Small Groups
You may be able to arrange a private tour for a small group with Detroit Tour Connections.  Call us, or send us an e-mail, and we may be able to schedule a walking tour, People Mover tour, Q-LINE tour, or even a "U-Drive" driving tour with a guide who gets in your vehicle.
Prices are reasonable, and we can customize a tour to suit your interests.

Bus Tours For Large Groups
Line up one or more tour guides from Detroit Tour Connections for larger groups -- such as family reunions, student groups, corporate outings, etc.   Our friendly and knowledgeable "step on guides" will be able to show your group a tremendous amount on a two-hour bus tour.  It could be a tour of general "Detroit Highlights" or there can be a focus on something more specific.

Monday 6 PM Walking Tours
Detroit Tour Connections offers a very nice series of Monday evening walking tours  (May - Sept.).  The cost for these tours is only $12.50/person.  We meet just before 6 pm in front of 1555 Broadway.  Be sure to check the schedule, since the topic changes from one week to the next.  

More About Detroit Tour Connections
Bob Goldsmith started Detroit Tour Connections back in 2004 and we've provided hundreds and hundreds of tours since then.  Our partnership with Intrepid Urban Adventures began in 2010 with "The D You Must See" and "Detroit's Rise, Fall & Renewal" and we added the Corktown tour in 2015.
Between our bus tours and walking tours, we can provide more than 50 different tours of Detroit.

Detroit is Worth Touring
Detroit has become a highly recommended travel destination.  (In fact, Detroit was recently rated as the #2 City in the World to Visit in 2018 by Lonely Planet Traveler.)   We have great architecture,  great museums and concert venues, a nice riverfront, good sports, a great musical heritage, great dining, good beer, and a more interesting history than almost any city in America.